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26 Dec 2011 02:35 AM

Addition Of New Infant Acetaminophen Concentration, 160 Mg/5 ML, Says FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says it has added a new concentration of acetaminophen aimed at infants, which is now available at retail outlets. The 160 mg/5 mL concentration has been added to the existing 80 mg/0.8 mL or 80 mg/mL concentrations. People who are used to the existing liquid acetaminophen concentrations should take note, the Agency emphasized.

Instead of being packed with a dropper, it will include an oral syringe.

Caregivers, consumers and parents need to read the Drug Facts label on the packaging carefully in order to avoid potential dosing mistakes, the FDA explained. They should not just go on what is written on the banners (that state it is a new product) when identifying various liquid acetaminophen concentrations. Several products have banners which are quite similar.

The product has a dosing device, which needs to be used so that the liquid acetaminophen dosages can be measured accurately.

If you find the measuring device confusing, or you are not sure how to measure the dosage for a child, you should talk to a doctor or health care professional.

Doctors and other health care professionals need to ensure that proper directions are given to caregivers and patients regarding how much should be administered to a child.

There is a list of questions and answers provided by the FDA, as well as a Consumer Update on OTC liquid acetaminophen aimed at infants.

Information for Parents, Caregivers and Consumers

  • For the right dosing concentrations, and how to use the medication, read the Drug Facts label on the package

  • If what you read on the label is not the same as what your healthcare provider said or wrote, check with a health care professional before administering the drug

  • The oral syringe that comes with the 160 mg/5 mL liquid acetaminophen aimed at infants should only...
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